The pinnacle of Meta Entertainment World will be the MEWS, honoring the most outstanding creators and companies that have shaped digital culture and impacted society, by developing groundbreaking Web3 applications that support the digital agenda of H.S.H. Prince Albert II and other global leaders. Awards will be presented in the following categories: Pioneer: Sports; Impact; Rising Star; Storyworld; Better World; Music; Innovation; NFT Collection; Community.In celebration of the winners, guests will enjoy an extravagant Gala Dinner prepared by the world-renowned, Michelin star chef, Yannick Alléno in the historic Salle Belle Epoque ballroom of the Hermitage Hotel. 

Subnation will also unveil Artcade@Monaco, a dynamic, curated NFT gallery that seamlessly blends art and technology to rethink the way we shop. The original Artcade, located at Fred Segal on the famous Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, California, attracts influencers, engages consumers, and is reshaping the cultural landscape. Artcade@Monaco will be equally as powerful, hosting curated exhibitions that showcase some of the world’s rarest NFT creations alongside cutting-edge contemporary mediums, collectibles, and game-inspired fashion-forward digital couture. Gutenberg gave us print. It took centuries for our next great form of mass communication to arrive with Graham Bell’s telephone. But soon after was Marconi’s radio, Lumiere’s film, Farnsworth’s television, Berners-Lee’s Internet, and now, the Metaverse. The pace of innovation is accelerating and the Metaverse will be our next great leap. Its pioneers, inventors, and leaders will be celebrated at Meta Entertainment World, and they, in turn, will inspire the next generation.

Join us in Monaco, May 23-24 and see how the Metaverse will change the way we live, work and play!


Award consideration from Jan-Dec 2021.  All candidates nominated will be confirmed in the respective award category and you will be able to vote for them from April 2.


All candidates eligible for public voting will be presented on April 2. Registered guests and followers will receive reminders to participate in the voting.

The MEWs

May 23rd will be the night of the Award celebration; we will be hosting the live award ceremony and will reveal the winners of the MEWs. Contestants will be embedded in the Monaco Walk of Fame in D-World, the Monaco Metaverse, but will equally be rewarded with a MEW.

Nomination 2023

Award consideration from Jan-Dec 2021 for Nomination 2022. You can suggest a nomination from June – December 2022 for 2023. If you fill out the contact form provided, we will be looking forward to informing you, and also inviting you to the voting. There will be a winner of a Guest Ticket to Meta Entertainment World among the voters.

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