Welcome to SPACE

A virtual world for creators creating commerce experiences. A social and economic endeavor where humanity gets a second chance to create a vibrant user-owned economy through unifying knowledge, common effort, and fair rewards distribution, based on a culture of collaboration and economic opportunities.

Welcome to the future of metaverse social commerce

SPACE is a 3D experience virtual world which provides its citizens powerful tools to create content, work and build businesses, interact collaboratively, and own and monetize these experiences while having true ownership and rights over them.

For Meta Entertainment World, SPACE is building a digital twin of the conference, allowing for a uniquie real-life-virtual conference experience. The conference Room and Heremitage Hotel lobby has been rebuilt in a virtual environment and SPACE will be livestreaming the real-life event to the virtual world and the virtual world will be projected into the event. Along with a VR headset station participants inside the metaverse and at the real event are able to experience the future of events.

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